Standard Adventures

Standard Adventures

Kesal’s youth programs are exciting, fun-filled days that are designed to facilitate group fun, team cooperation skills, and adventure based challenges in an environment of group support and trust. We welcome all types of youth groups: community centers, camps, youth associations, and more! Youth programs can be based on teamwork and cooperation, or focus more on recreation and having fun! Programs are available anytime during the year, and take place at Kesal Base Camp Meru.

The course is designed to provide youth groups with valuable team work and leadership skills. Emphasis is on fun and learning through group activities and challenges. ALTITUDE encourages individuals to challenge themselves and to thereby gain personal empowerment and heightened confidence in their ability and potential. Activities include climbing the Cargo net, High Ropes, Zip line and other group challenges, and the team development course.


  • Problem Solving
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Enhance Cooperation
  • Goal Setting and execution
  • Trust building
  • Endurance and perseverance
  • Personal growth i.e. spiritually,mentally and physically

Communication Skills

These goals will help young adults take a leadership role within their school, community, churches, future jobs, and life in general.


  • Learning concepts such as the full value team work, getting off comfort zones, and the importance of goal setting will be discussed.
  • Team building activities where the group is required to problem solve, set goals, and resolve conflict, many of which involve our Team Development Course (A low-ropes challenge course).
  • High-Ropes and Cargo Net climbing, or Rock and Wall climbing.
  • Trust activities e.g. Trust fall
  • Several ‘ice breakers’ to develop a comfort zone with other group members.
  • Horse back riding
  • Group initiative dynamics
  • Indoor and Out door games
  • Other interesting activities

Target Audience

  • Youths from organizations
  • Church Youth Groups

Team building programs are designed around three very important learning programs such as creating community values, creativity and leadership. In addition, the following areas can be addressed such as establishing full value norms, solving problems, building trust, fostering creativity and developing leadership through participation in our programs; all the while “thinking outside the box”. Other groups include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts
  • Community Groups
  • Student Organizations
  • All Athletics Teams
  • School Systems
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Couples


8-12 days


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