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Individual commitment to a group effort that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” —Vince Lombardi

Humans are far more likely to remember what they learn by doing rather than what they learn by seeing and hearing, thus Kesal adopted a new concept of training.The training approach at Kesal is experiential based and involves learning by doing which offers a shift in thinking. It’s practically oriented, participants are presented with challenging problems and work related scenarios followed by effective debriefing sessions, which provides the participants with the opportunities to reflect hence stimulating though processes, and hence help individuals, teams, and organizations to increase levels of trust and improve on communication, which results in increased performance and productivity  The debriefs enable participants to think more critically about their work environment and have new thinking to appraise their work situation.

The participants remain in charge throughout the training process the trainers work is usually facilitation.

Kenya school of adventure and leadership KESAL aims to:

  • Provide training (through experiential learning) in leadership development, personality development and environmental awareness
  • Provide training and consultancy in collaboration with other institutions of learning for human resource development and
  • Offer leisure and recreation through adventure.
  • Kesal is a NITA (national industrial training authority) accredited trainer
  • The Training methodology which is experiential-based. Research as proved that the experiential-based training is the most appropriate method for adult learning, its impactful, instant and long lasting.
  • Serene and natural environment forming the bulk of our training ground.
  • Kesal as a nonprofit making organization has one of the most competitive prices in the market.
  • Capacity to hold a large number at go
  • Qualified, competent and professional staff
  • Diverse program offerings to meet the needs of our clients
  • The only public outdoor institution in Kenya

Kenya school of adventure and leadership-Kesal is a public outdoor training center established in 1990. Kesal has been offering unique and a high impact experiential-based training solutions since then. Being the only public experiential based center in Kenya, Kesal is gradually but consistently establishing herself as the institution of choice both in government and the private sector With attention to detail, quality work and years of industry experience Kesal is proud of her strong client focus and long term relationships. As a training institution Kesal can assist your organization not only at the training level but also at the strategic level.

From the first point of contact, our experienced trainers work closely with our clients to help capture our clients’ dreams plus aspirations also to define the focus and direction of the training. The end approach to this participatory approach to training is a unique and inspiring Kesal training experience.

Kesal as a strong and solid training team which constantly researches on the latest developments in the field of experiential based training to meet the ever changing training of our clients, The team is often called upon to advice and run large scale training programs from both the government and private sector.

FAQ for Customer

Explore the comprehensive KESAL FAQs to find answers to all your inquiries about programs, safety measures, customization options, and more.

KESAL is a public outdoor training center located in Kenya, focused on providing experiential learning, leadership development, and adventure-based programs for individuals and groups of all ages.

KESAL offers a wide range of programs including leadership workshops, team building activities, wilderness survival training, outdoor education, and adventure expeditions.

KESAL programs are open to individuals, schools, colleges, corporate groups, nonprofit organizations, and community groups interested in personal growth, leadership skills, and team building.

Program durations vary depending on the specific program. They can range from half-day workshops to multi-day expeditions. Customizable program lengths are available to meet specific needs.

KESAL emphasizes experiential learning, where participants engage in hands-on activities, outdoor challenges, and reflective discussions to enhance leadership skills, teamwork, and personal development.

No prior outdoor experience is required. KESAL programs are designed to accommodate participants of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced adventurers.

Safety is a top priority at KESAL. The center maintains certified instructors, adheres to industry-standard safety protocols, and provides necessary equipment and supervision to ensure participants' well-being during activities.

Participants can engage in activities such as rock climbing, hiking, camping, orienteering, team challenges, leadership simulations, and environmental education, among others.

Yes, KESAL offers customizable programs that can be tailored to the needs and goals of specific groups, whether it's a corporate team looking to improve communication or a school group aiming to enhance leadership skills.

For more information, program details, and enrollment procedures, you can visit the official KESAL website or contact their dedicated customer support team via email or phone.

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    We prioritize long-term sustainability, employing eco-friendly practices and strategic planning.